Combat Mechanic

The game’s combat system is inspired by Into the Breach and Invisible Inc. Every enemy action is displayed in advance of their turn. However if a hero is targeted by the enemy and simply walks away, this triggers an immediate attack. How can the player get around this?

Utilize the environment!

Have your Tank absorb the damage

Husky is your best friend!

Take advantage of Hero Talent

Or simply destroy them first!

What happens if you lose your hero?

Any lost player unit becomes a pawn of the Tyrant, and will roam the Island with his army. But unlike the other Undying, it’s not too late to save them! Fallen heroes can still revert to their human form. If you encounter them later in your journey, you’ll have to defeat them in order to bring them home.

The Uprising

Many have lost their homes, and some their families. A few of them just want to fight. They come from every region of Tyberia, and whatever their background, they share one thing in common – the thirst to destroy the Tyrant and reclaim the Island of Tyberia, no matter what it takes!


The pets of Tyrant’s Blessing serve as light support for your team. They’re not as powerful as your heroes, but cost less to deploy. Their unique skills will often prove useful, and might even mean the difference between victory and an extra squad for the Dead Army!

Who are we fighting against?

They are our fathers and sons, brothers and old friends. They used to have names, but are now known simply as the “The Undying.” They fell defending their homeland, and now under the aegis of the Tyrant’s magic, they toil relentlessly to destroy those they once tried to protect.

NPCs & Events